SMOKE FREE STATS: Cravings 10 Anger 10 Pain 10 Focus 0 Energy 1

RUNNING STATS: Time 00:41:53 Distance 4.78km Avg. Pace 8:45min/km (follow my stats at ADIDAS Runstatic App / Vilma Vicente)

My only drive to start running was the anger of the cigarette cravings and the rage of not allowing myself to have a smoke!

2 minutes walking and 2 minutes running in the Forest… And just like that, I started to become a runner…

With no professional help or guidance of any kind, I decided to start slow and with no expectations! Of course I have read about training plans in the past, had some glimpses on health and fitness magazine articles and remembered about some running methods that i learned at sports class in school….but in my second day without smoking I was not in the mood to be bordered with complicated running plans and decided that i would simply go into the wood next to my house, start walking 2 minutes and run another 2, for as long as I could take it! To be honest, i’ve never thought i would pass the 10 minutes mark, but in the end I did approximately 42minutes overall.

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