SMOKE FREE STATS: Cravings 9 Anger 9 Pain 9 Focus 1 Energy 2

RUNNING STATS: Time 00:53:57m Distance 6.43km Avg. Pace 8:24min/km (follow my stats at ADIDAS Runstatic App / Vilma Vicente)

3 days smoke Free?! That’s a huge accomplishment for me. I’ve never had been more than one intire day without a smoke and probably I was asleep half of that time.

So i started doing the math… well 3 days…a pack a day… 4,50 euros a pack… I already saved almost 15 Euros in 72 hours! In the end of the week its going to be around 35 euros… “You definitely deserve a prize Girl! Lets go shopping!” -the little voice inside my head said.

I’m going to buy something beautiful today and motivate myself for tomorrow. I went to the local Decathlon sports store and got me a couple of running sweaters and a little beginners trail running vest! Decathlon is officially my favourite store from now on. And no, they are not paying me!

I never had specific running gear before. Until now I was running with some paint tinted 30% cotton leggings from Primark and an old Surf comp event T-shirt. I was so exited for the run tomorrow with my brand new colourful running gear!!!

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