The first few days of quitting are really extreme. I have doubted myself every step of the way! That’s why managing my cravings and find different things to focus on is so important.

Go for a run. Because it’s easy. I can just go. No matter what. If I’m having a craving rage induced attack. I don’t have to prepare or organize, I can just go no matter the way I’m dressed. Just go outside and run!

Go to the Beach. I surf since my teenage years and being in the ocean always appeased my mind. Even if you have never surfed go to the beach and just feel its powerful energy. It’s overwhelming.

Deep Breathing and positive thinking.

Sun Salutation. Is never to much to be appreciative and say tanks for all that Mother Nature gives us everyday with no strings attached. And sometimes we forget that we are blessed just for the fact of being alive.

Shout and curse. Go outside, scream and kick the air. I did and still do it often. Specially in the first 3 days of quitting I did it about as many times as I thought about having a smoke… Like every 15 minutes!

Have more sex. It’s healthy. Doesn’t make you go fat. It’s a good cardio exercise for the running. And everybody knows that puts a smile on your face!

Work. It was hard to stay focus in the first days. For me was one of the stronger redraw symptoms to deal with. It made it impossible for me to focus for more than 1 minute straight. For starters because my brain associates working and sitting on the computer to having a cigarette right away.

Boiled Sweets and Dry Fruits (And I have to confess that I also attack Crisps almost every day. Not advised but very mutch enjoyed.). They are still my greatest allies in the daily struggle against cigarettes. And I don’t have to worrie about the carbs or the sugars because I’m now running everyday! As a matter of fact, with my new lifestyle, I can and I NEED to injest more calories and stay strong for the running. And you can always balance it in your main meals through out the day.

Put it in writing. I read somewhere that the act of writing might give you a new and different perspective of things. Thats one of the reasons I started this Blog. But could be just writing in a diary, posting on facebook or text a good friend. It doesn’t matter. You can always put it in writing and deleted afterwards.

Reminder for myself: Nicotine withdrawal symptoms get weaker every day that I don’t smoke. Every time I resist lighting up a cigarette, I’m one step closer to a smoke-free life.

Attention that I’m not a health or fitness professional. I’m just sharing my experience, what worked for me and what I’ve learned in the process of stop smoking and start running. Thanks for following.