Did you know that your breasts will change after you stop smoking?

Smoking does actually impact on your breasts too. Chemicals in cigarettes cause skin to sag, so giving up means less sagging.

Smoking is also linked to breast cancer.

The phrase you’re glowing will actually apply. The chemicals in cigarettes breakdown your skin structure – elastin and collagen. When damaged the skin becomes loose.

Brighter skin

You’ll glow (Image: Getty Images)

Nicotine also narrows blood vessels, limiting blood flow to the skin. That means dull and creased skin.

While quitting doesn’t reverse wrinkles, it can slow down the ageing of your skin and prevent more damage.

Instant manicure – Your nails will look much better 

It’s like a free manicure. Those yellow stains will go, and your nails will look better.

Look out for the line between your new growth and the old. Your hands will also improve as they will age less.

Smile! Your teeth will be whiter

Smile! (Image: Getty)

There’s another reason to smile, your teeth brown with smoking so naturally whiten when you aren’t puffing away.

Clean up the smile and sans the cigarettes you’ll keep them whiter for longer.

Those yellow stains will fade, you lower your risk of gum recession and your breath will smell better.

You lips also see the benefits as you have less burns or sores.

Lush hair

Get those lush locks back (Image: Hero Images)

Want lush locks? Then quit. Smokers lose more hair as the chemicals also affect your locks.

Your hair follicles are impacted, since you have a lack of blood circulation. Get thicker, lusher looking hair and quit.

SOURCE: Dailymirror