From Smoker to Runner – 28 Days Challenge

You know what day is today? It’s the last day of the challenge I proposed to myself. To be honest…I never tough I wold get to the end of the 28 days no smoking challenge… But here I am.

But I don’t feel like a winner today.. All my friends and family congratulate me.. i get messages from all over the world asking how I’m doing… but the truth is… iI feel proud of myself but I thought that at this point I wouldn’t have any more cravings and cravings for a cigaret right after lunch and dinner… I thought that at this point i would forget about smoking completely and from now on it would me “easy breezy”…

But the real fact is…. It’s not!

They say 28 days is the time nicotine and the nasty redraw symptoms take to get out of your system… And with all the running and surfing I’ve been doing in the past weeks, shouldn’t I be totally out of nicotine in my body and my mind? So why do I still feel cravings and still fight with this addition in several moments of my day? (for sure it’s way less then in the first days… its bearable now.)

Because I’m an addict. We smokers are addicts. Smokers are addicts just like cocaine or heroine addicts. Society don’t see us like that.. but its totally truth! I always going to be a recovery smoker, but the struggle gets easyer every day.